Banner Hollow Session 2 Day 4

This morning we went on a long relaxing tractor ride throughout camp. The kids and counselors got to enjoy some shade as well as some archery after our tractor ride. Today the kids made some more doughboys in Adventure Craft because we won the cleanest site competition. They were delicious and the hard work was definitely worth it. Today was 80’s day so campers and counselors came to camp dressed in 80’s gear. Everyone looked great! Our favorite moment of the day was playing doctor dodgeball in the cage and in the shade during athletics. Everyone was super into it and we all had a lot of fun. Tomorrow is cookout so we get to enjoy some hamburgers and hot dogs! Campers don’t need to bring a lunch unless they don’t want cookout food. Our brave camper shout out goes to Lucas. Lucas got hit hard with a dodgeball this morning but he got right back up on his feet after a little encouragement and shook the whole thing off. Our kind moment of the day goes to Cecilia for helping a camper when they were upset during Adventure Craft. Cecilia went up to the camper and talked to them for a bit to help encourage them to go have fun! Thanks for your help Cecilia! Today during our tractor ride people spotted the camp drone flying overhead so everyone started acting silly and tried to wave to the drone. All the campers then sang the camp song and yelled “Banner Hollow” as loud as they could so that the drone would be able to hear.  Can’t wait to see the footage!  We can’t believe tomorrow is Friday and we can’t wait for some yummy sundaes 🙂

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