Banner Hollow Session 2 Day 3

This morning some brave campers got to use the new zip line up at Project Adventure. We all had a good time and the campers did a great job helping us make sure everything went well while we were up there. Today the kids painted some more canvases in arts and crafts and others got to make stepping stones. Today was Water World Wednesday and some of the kids got to cool off in the pool during enrichment as they played some water polo. Our favorite moment of the day was using the parachute during music. We put a bunch of plastic balls on the parachute and all the campers lifted it up, then quickly brought it to the ground as the balls flew everywhere. This activity was super fun and brought a smile to everyone’s face. Tomorrow is 80’s day. Everyone should try to come to camp dressed in their best 80’s attire and we’ll all have a totally rad day. The brave camper shout out goes to Chloe for going down the zip line today. Chloe started to climb the tree at first but got scared and came down. She then saw some of her friends go and she summoned up the courage to climb the tree and conquer the zip line! Our kind moment of the day goes to Lucas for wishing everyone good luck prior to a game of gaga ball during enrichment. There were a few different groups at the gaga ball pit but Lucas still wished his opponents well. Finally today during arts and crafts we got a new iron for fuse beads so all the campers were excited that their counselors finally weren’t going to mess up their creations. All the campers always joked about how the fuse beads weren’t coming out well so we finally were able to make them happy.

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