Banner Hollow Session 2 Day 2

This morning we had 1620 house where we were all able to chill inside and escape the heat for a bit and save some energy for later in the day. We also played a fun game where we got to shoot balls at a net using leaf blowers. Today’s special day was hat and shades day so everyone came to camp in their best hat and their favorite shades and we rocked them all day. Our favorite moment of the day was making “Miis” on the Wii in 1620 house because some of the campers made some really silly ones and we got to jam to the Wii channel music which is always a good time. Tomorrow is Water World Wednesday so we’ll be playing a bunch of water games to help cool us down during what appears to be another hot day at camp. Our brave camper shout out goes to James for helping get rid of the abundant supply of moths we encountered during lunch. Our kind moment of the day goes to Cooper for heading back to athletics when everyone went to have popsicles and retrieving a bunch of the hats and shades that campers left behind. Thanks for the help Coop! Today during lunch, Ruhaan took one of the counselor’s phones and started to play a song that he knew. He sang all the lyrics and put on a little show for the group.

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