Banner Hollow Session 1 Day 6

We had a very fun yet exhausting day today!!! This morning we did the peanut butter pit where we all used one rope to cross from one platform to another at project adventure. It was so much fun! Later in the afternoon we made flags to help celebrate the Fourth of July and necklaces and bracelets. Today was also the first day of week two so we kicked off the hot week of camp by meeting all of our new campers. Our favorite moment of the day was getting a tractor ride up to project adventure because it was really hot and saved us some energy for later in the day! This afternoon we’re looking forward to a double swim so we can cool off and take a nice dip in the pool to relax. Our kind moment of the day goes to Nicholas McCay for helping Kudin Curry carry his bag from lunch to arts and crafts. Great job Nicholas!! Tomorrow is Town pride day so if anyone has town pride spirit feel free to wear it to represent your town.


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