Banner Hollow Session 1 Day 5

This morning we did pottery and made bowls that will be painted next week. We also played a few games of gaga ball in arts and sports and had a lot of fun on a beautiful Friday. Along with the pottery bowls, the kids made candles in arts and crafts. Some also made memory books while others made fuse beads which will be continued next week. The special day today was cookout so we all ate lunch at our site and enjoyed some delicious hamburgers, cheeseburgers and hot dogs. After lunch, we also got to enjoy some ice cream sundaes! Our favorite moment of the day was free swim because it was very hot out today and we all got a chance to play in the pool and cool off. Monday will be the first day of week 2! We’ll get a chance to meet new friends and start off another great week at camp. Hope everyone has a great weekend! The brave camper shout out goes to Sabrina Baun for taking on all the guys in gaga ball today and winning the game. Her elusiveness and patience are what allowed her to come away with a huge win. Our kind moment of the day belongs to all of the campers who played gaga as they congratulated the winner after each game and were super nice and respectful. Many of the campers are showing really good sportsmanship and we couldn’t be prouder of them. 

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