Banner Hollow Session 1 Day 4

This morning we relaxed inside and watched Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 while it poured outside. All the campers were respectful of one another and remained quiet throughout the movie while they enjoyed it. Today we made wind streamers out of plates and colored them with markers and made our own unique patterns. The plates were cut in a spiral, strings were attached to them and they were hung up down in Edward’s House. The special day today was camo day and people came to camp dressed in camo outfits. Unfortunately, it rained all day so most campers had to cover up their camo with rain gear. Our favorite moment of the day was when it briefly stopped raining so that we could go outside for a bit. During this time, we happened to have Adventure Craft on our schedule where we all went up to the woods and enjoyed some s’mores. Tomorrow is our first cookout so we get to enjoy hamburgers, cheeseburgers and hot dogs for lunch! Just a reminder, campers can bring their own lunch if they don’t want to have the cookout food. The brave camper shout out goes to all of Banner Hollow today for walking through the rain and not complaining much about how hard it was raining. The kind moment of the day goes to Kieran for sharing his shovel with someone from another group when playing in the sandbox during lunch. Thanks for being so polite Kiernan!  Today we had a good time searching for Cooper as he was decked out in all camo. The campers helped the counselors as they walked around Edward’s House searching for him. Some of the boys also had fun pretending they were soldiers as they were dressed in camo and marching about.

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