Banner Hollow Session 1 Day 3

This morning we had a team building exercise in Project Adventure where we were all stuck on an island and had to find a way to cross the alligator filled water and get to the mainland. With a little bit of help from the counselors, all the campers were able to successfully cross the dangerous waters! Today the kids made table coasters in Arts & Crafts and decorated them with little tiles and paint. All of the campers did a great job decorating them and some of the designs were really interesting. Today’s special day was tie dye day and all the campers made really cool tie dye shirts that will be taken home at the end of the day! Our favorite moment of the day was lunch because we ate at our tent today and got to play on the playground and feed the goats. We also had music right after lunch where we got to dance around to some music. Tomorrow’s special day is camo day so everyone should come to camp dressed in their best camo outfits! Just a heads up, tomorrow has a lot of rain and storming the forecast so please send campers with rain gear to help keep them dry if it’s safe enough to still play outside. Today’s brave camper shout out goes to Victoria as she was just added to our group today and that can sometimes be intimidating when you don’t know people. Victoria handled it great though and we’re very excited to have her!

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