Banner Hollow Session 1 Day 2

This morning we had 1620 house where we got to chill inside for a bit and play some games like ping pong and mini basketball. We also played some games of air hockey! Today the kids made mini earth’s on coffee filters to celebrate earth day and we got to make kaleidoscopes during arts & crafts. They are currently drying and hopefully will be ready to bring home next time we have arts and crafts. The special day today was earth day and we got to enjoy a special dessert during lunch. The dessert is commonly known as “Dirt Dessert” and it consists of chocolate pudding, Oreos and sour gummy worms! Our favorite moment of the day was playing dodgeball for the first time this season. We played a couple of games of doctor dodgeball followed by mini golf and friendship bracelet making in enrichment. It was fun testing out the new mini golf course. Tomorrow is tie dye day so everyone should bring in something they would like to have tie dyed to bring home at the end of the day! Today’s brave campers of the day goes out to Sabrina, Lucas, Ty and Emma for being doctors during our game of dodgeball and saving those who went down early during the games. Thanks for the help doctors! The kind moment of the day goes to Lily Hager and Colby Hansen for helping to pick up rocks from our campsite as we try to win the clean campsite contest this week. Today at camp we quoted a bunch of our favorite Spongebob quotes and made each other laugh while we were waiting for free swim and enjoying popsicles.

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