Banner Hollow Session 1 Day 1

This morning we had adventure craft where we cleaned up our site as we compete for extra food during lunch. Camp sites will be judged at the end of the week to determine whose site looks the best. (Ours is looking great!)  In Arts & Crafts we made memory books to be filled through this summer at PDC! We also made camo necklaces to be worn on camo day this Thursday.  Today was the first day of camp this year so we said hello to old friends and welcomed new ones to the group! It definitely looks like we’ll be having another awesome summer at Pilgrim Day Camp! Our favorite moment of the day was going to 1620 house for enrichment and playing fan-favorite gaga ball once again. All the campers dusted off the cobwebs and showed they are ready for another summer full of the sport. Tomorrow is Earth Day where we will be appreciating our planet and enjoying a special dessert later in the day! Our brave camper shout-out of the day goes to Madeline Nable for swimming underwater after claiming she was too afraid to do so. Good job Maddie! This moment belongs to Sabrina Baun as she congratulated the winner of a gaga match where she placed second. Thanks for being such a good sport Sabrina! Today during Project Adventure, we played a couple of games to get ourselves warmed up for the camp day and one of those games was knee tag. Everybody would try to tag each other and the only way to stay safe was to bend down and place your hands on your knees. All of the campers enjoyed teaming up and cornering the counselors as they looked to show us that they were pros at the game of tag. It was a great way to begin the day!

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