Badger/White Session 1 Day 3

At athletics this morning we played capture the flag. You could use a dodgeball or a tag to get people on the other team out. We also had a jail where you went when you were out. Kids were able to save their teammates by running across into enemy territory and tagging them back in. We also tried out the new mini golf course! There are 18 new holes set up which leaves room for everyone to participate. At arts and crafts there were many options to choose from. We did splatter paint, candles, tie dye notebooks. Everybody chose the project they wanted to do and if they finished early were able to chose another one. Todays special day was tie dye day. Each activity throughout the day incorporated tie dye. We also made tie dye clothing after lunch during arts and sports! The best part of the day was gaga ball. Everyone joined in huge games of gaga ball. It was a blast! Tomorrow’s special day is camo day. Make sure to wear camo or green. I was overjoyed when Nathan offered to help clean up the trash left in our site. An animal knocked over the full trash can and left trash everywhere. Nathan was kind enough to help clean it up. We are also proud of Stephanie for carrying back the rakes from the site. Tomorrow is supposed to be a stormy day :o. Make sure to bring a rain jacket. There will be a fun schedule of inside activities in case of lighting!

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