Badger Knoll Session 4 Day 4

We started out day off with some PA. We had 5 kids go up in the flying squirrel and then we sent our Counselor Julia up. The kids had lots of fun being shot up into the tree!  During arts and crafts the kids made bouncy balls with Daphne. Although it was a tough recipe the kids still had a blast with it. Special day today was Crazy hair and sock day. Some kids had some crazy hair but for those who did not, wore some pretty crazy socks. Favorite moment of the day was arts and crafts with Daphne because it gave us time off from the sun and we got to play with some bouncy balls. Cookout day is tomorrow, you do not have to pack a lunch but you can if you do not want to have Cookout. Brave camper shoutout goes to Leon for going up into the trees even though he was scared. During 1620 some of us played a fun game of basketball. The score was close until the end but Katie and I came out with the win. Patrick was hitting some far shots but also had some nice assists to Leon. Way to go guys!

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