Badger Knoll Session 4 Day 3

We started off our day with a nice tractor ride through camp. After the tractor ride we had some fun with archery. After we had 16/20, where the kids helped write our song for the last week of camp. While some did that other played on the game consoles or played basketball outside. The special day today was Pirate day. Some of the kids dressed up as pirates and we had a scavenger hunt for candy. We hid the bag of candy on the gold course. It took some time but Henry was the first to find it.  Favorite moment of the day was playing dodge ball during athletics. We played 3 games, boys vs. girls. The boys beat the girls 2-1.  Tomorrow is crazy hair and sock day. Let’s get crazy!!! Kind moment of the day was when Leon gave Peter some of his candy because Peter could not have some of the candy he got. During dodge ball Jackson ended up winning the second game, coming back from being left alone against 8 people on the other team.

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