Badger Knoll Session 4 8/16

We started off our morning with some PA. Since we are dwindling down on the days of camp left we decided to do the good old peanut butter pit and tire swings. The kids made slime and candles today. As all other days gimp and fuse beads were out for the campers to use. Today was camp challenge day. We participated in some games across the whole camp ground. Favorite moment of the day was at lunch when the kids finished eating and they all worked together to try and clean up the cite as much as possible. Tomorrow is Best of PDC day also it is the last day of camp for this year. Kind camper goes to Grace for cleaning up the cite without being asked to do so. During lunch the kids had to destroy their forts that they made throughout the year. We had some pretty cool forts in our cite by the end of the year. Way to go Badger Knoll!

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