Badger Knoll Session 4 8/14

We started off our morning with PA, the campers had fun climbing the dangling duo. Some went up faster than others but it is not about speed, it is about working together to get to the top. The kids started to make candles during arts and crafts. If they were not making candled there were still fuse beads and gimp. Special day today was Old West day! Favorite moment of the day was cooking s’mores during enrichment with John. Special day tomorrow is Earth day, we will clean up our cites and have dirt dessert. Kind moment of the day goes to Cordi for helping other campers start gimp when they did not know how to. During s’mores we had about 12 marshmallows fall into the fire. Luckily we had enough and the campers were still able to enjoy them.

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