Badger Knoll Session 4 8/13

We started our morning off with athletics, we played a big game of soccer. The rain hit us a bit at the beginning but ended up clearing up. The kids made some cool lantern things at arts and crafts. This gave us a chance to get out of the rain. Special day today was First day of Week 8. Favorite moment of the day was when we played soccer and it was kind of wet. People were slipping a little bit and we had lots of fun! During soccer there was a play toward the net and Patrick made a nice little move and since it was wet, Anna took a little spill. Country western day is tomorrow, lets see those Cowboys and Cowgirls! Yeeee-hawwww! Kind moment of the day was when Ethan gave Kyle his golf club when he realized the one Kyle was using was too big for him to use.

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