Badger Knoll Session 3 7/31

This morning we had projects adventure. We separated into our Olympic teams and went across the dreaded peanut butter pit. While two teams went at it on the pit we had the other two groups climb trees like bears and see how high we could put a piece of tape. The kids made bandanas and capes for their olympic teams and their corresponding color. We had double dare Tuesday where we split up into our camp groups. We went against Shady Woods in a series of games. Sadly we came up short and lost the games 8-7. Although we lost we still had fun! We also  made delicious Frito burritos with Cait up at our camp site. We cooked meat over a fire and crushed up Fritos into the bag and the kids loved them!  Kind moment of the day goes to Viggo who was kind enough to let another camper play with him while we were at the site after lunch. Way to go Viggo! Tie Dye Day is our special day for tomorrow. Make sure to bring something white to dye!

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