Badger Knoll Session 3 7/30

We played a fun lacrosse game where we shot lacrosse balls into a can. It was a tough game but the kids ended up getting the hang of it. The kids made all sorts of things from gimp to popsicle stick creations. The kids had an amazing time making friendship bracelets for each other! The special day today was the Start of Olympic week. The kids found out there teams and they are getting ready to go head to head in tons of games! The favorite moment of the was playing Nuke ’em with Cait. The kids loved playing the other Olympic teams for points. The special day for tomorrow is Double Dare Tuesday. We will be doing a series of games that give the kids points for their Olympic team. Kind moment of the day was when Nico was kind enough to give Cait a compliment on a fantastic catch. One thing that was not expected but really fun was arts and crafts with Daphne. The kids had a great time with the amount of things that she had planned for them!

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