Badger Knoll Session 2 Day 4

This morning at Project Adventure our campers were able to go onto the zipline and try to successfully take on the challenege of the Peanut Butter Pit.  The Zipline is brand new this year and it was awesome.  At Arts and Crafts today we made cement tiles with personalized decorations and fuse beads, along with other little side projects some of the kids completed. The special day today is 80’s themed, and many campers and counselors dressed up in funky clothes to celebrate the special day.  The special day for tomorrow is cookout, so don’t bring a lunch! Brave camper shoutout goes out to Viggo for building up the courage to take on the zipline. Kind moment of today goes out to Alana who instead of taking her turn on the zipline right away, helped out getting the zipline reset for other campers before she went herself.

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